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B&B Baseball

B&B Baseball (1998)

B&B Baseball is a simple point and click action japanase game in which you simply aim the bat and click to swing the ball.  


Bakudanjin (1999)

Bakudanjin is a Japanese-made action game for Macintosh that is a spinoff of Super Bomberman with refreshing levels and features.  

Balloon Man 2

Balloon Man 2 (1996)

Balloon Man 2.0.1 is a game where you incarnate a balloon. You must fly in space collecting computer disks and avoid touching the sharp stars. When you have collected a specified amount of disks, you advance to the next level. The unregistered...

Bash Big Blue

Bash Big Blue (1985)

Bash Big Blue is an early, crude and very fast paced B&W point and click action game for Mac where IBM logos pop randomly on the screen and you have to click them before they disappear.  Clicking 15 out of 30 logos make you win the level,...

Batman Doom TC

Batman Doom TC (1999)

A total conversion of Doom 2, meaning it has all new levels, art, audio, and design. Essentially a completely new game, and one that rivaled commercial products at the time. This is based on the Batman comic, specifically the Knightfall arc,...

Battle Beast

Battle Beast (1995)

No video found for the Mac version, but shouldn't be that much different from the PC version.

Battle for the Planets

Battle for the Planets (1997)

A multiplayer  arcade fighting game in space, with controls similar to Escape Velocity (tank controls). You can explore (or order from bases) to find more weapons, ammo, and special single use items to help you win.


battle-girl (1997)

battle-girl is a top-down vector based shooter, boasting furious gameplay, a superb soundtrack, and visuals that while not complex, still manage to look superb. Move and shoot in whatever direction seems suitable and blast through countless...


Beast (1989)

Beast is a simple B&W little game. The object is to push blocks around on the screen, trapping all the Beasties so they have no free space to move to. You drive your man (the little guy with the hat) by using the keyboard keys I,J,K, and...

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