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Lemmings Cheat

Lemmings Cheat (1993)

Lemmings Cheat lets you cheat in the orignal early 90's Lemmings game.  


MacD&D (1987)

MacD&D is a non-finished beta game utility that accompanied some 1980's IRL Dungeons & Dragons gameplay by letting them input, display and print various stats sheets for their heroes such as character stats and battle stats. ...


Majora (1993)

Majora is a simple B&W 2D maze engine that features a 16x10 grid.  Majora comes with 18 pre-defined levels, but you can make your own using the bundled "Level Compiler" application.  It creates a file that you have to name...


Mapper (1987)

Mapper is an early B&W utility for Macs to help game masters create hexagonal grid maps for use in adventure games.  


Maze2 (1986)

Maze2 is a nice early B&W maze generator in which you can literally draw a rectangle and this program instantly fills your rectangle with a maze and starts a timer.  You can then instantly solve the maze as fast as you can :) Warning:...


MazerMac (1987)

MazerMac is an early B&W maze generator.  All it does is to instantaneously generate a random maze and it lets you print it.  

NOCD & [K] patches archive

NOCD & [K] patches archive (2000)

This archive is meant to contain all known NO-CD and [K] patches for 68K and PowerPC Mac OS games and apps from the 1990's and early 2000's.  The archive also includes a few serials here and there.  Most of these files were...

Orb Wars

Orb Wars (1992)

Orb Wars is a multi-player game of fantasy combat played on GEnie. The game takes advantage of special purpose "front end" programs to supply players with graphics, sounds, special effects, and messages from the game. You don't need a...

Quiver 1.2 (Quake editor)

Quiver 1.2 (Quake editor) (1999)

Quiver is a Quake level editor for the Macintosh. Quiver allows you to design your own new worlds for yourself and others to experience. Quiver's main features:      · Slick user...


RPGMapMaker (2004)

RPGMapMaker is a tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids. This kind of maps is used in Role Playing Games, but of course can be designed for any other purposes. In addition to having most of the capabilities of a real painting program (such as...

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