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OGRE (1987)
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O.G.R.E. (or OGRE) 2.0

O.G.R.E. (or OGRE) 2.0 (1987)
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O.G.R.E. is a turn based, armed warfare tactical/strategic combat game against the Mac's AI.  The plot is in the year 2087.  


Onslaught (1995)
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Mac exclusive, turn based strategic warfare game with a tiny hint of Civilization vibes.  Each scenario takes place on a randomly generated island.  Could be played in single player mode against the AI or in two players mode by connecting...

Orbital Command

Orbital Command (1988)
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Orbital Command has been adapted to the Macintosh from a PC based game written by Tony Doimeadios in 1985.  Proceeds from this game are being shared with Tony, as soon as I can find him!   The object of the game is for you (the...

Oilcap Pro

Oilcap Pro (1998)
(Added on 2016-01-27 20:50:09)

The objective of Oilcap Pro is to keep the oil flowing for as long as possible by placing down pipe links to direct its flow.  

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