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s'ydnar squares 2.x

s'ydnar squares 2.x (1992)

S'ydnar squares is an arcade game similar to Tetris, but with lots of genuine touches, such as 12 different tile sets to choose from, background music, 7 levels of difficulty, etc... When you pile tiles, the overhangs continue to fall down and...

Secret About Box

Secret About Box (1993)

This game was hidden inside MacOS 9 (maybe 8, can't remember that far) and activated when you drag'n'dropped the following text from the notepad to the Finder : "secret about box". Funny trick from Apple, right? It's...


ShadowWraith (1995)

Shadow Wraith is an action packed top-down shooter. Taking place in cyberspace, the player takes control of the digital re-incarnation of a murdered sciantist seeking revenge for his death. Featuring over 20 levels packed with heaps of enemies...

Silicon Volleyball

Silicon Volleyball (1994)

An early accelerated for PowerMacs simple Brickout type of game featuring options including a genuine one: exploding debris (black pixels flying off the hit brick).  It also features sound effects, a very basic color scheme, high score listing...

Sky Dive

Sky Dive (1995)

Sky Dive is a vertical shooter kind of game which looks like has been made by a teenager. You continuously fall down and you aim/click to shoot at ennemies descending with you in the sky. It features a health bar and some items.  

Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow (1990)

Side-scroller; fly a spaceship on bombing raids over enemy territory, dodging and/or shooting enemy ships and collecting power-ups; land (carefully) on your own turf; repeat. Graphics and sound quite good, but silly. The most fun, when you can...

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