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Silicon Volleyball

Silicon Volleyball (1994)

An early accelerated for PowerMacs simple Brickout type of game featuring options including a genuine one: exploding debris (black pixels flying off the hit brick).  It also features sound effects, a very basic color scheme, high score listing...

Silver & Wood

Silver & Wood (1999)

Silver&Wood is based on an ancient board game for one person, also known as 'Einsiedlerspiel' in Germany. The goal is to remove all balls but one from the board. Though this may not be as easy as it sounds! Jump with one ball over an...


SimAnt (1991)

SimAnt is an ant simulator.  You can play scenarios where you lead black ants against red ants.  Watch out for spiders and human beings also posing a serious risk to your ant colony.  SimAnt also lets you play in a sandbox mode, no...

SimCity 2000 + Urban Renewal Kit + SC2K Scenario Maker

SimCity 2000 + Urban Renewal Kit + SC2K Scenario Maker (1996)

Sim City 2000 is probably the most timeless classic from the Sim City franchise.  It featured awesome colorful isometric 2.5D graphics, MIDI soundtracks, disasters and thanks to the Urban Renewal Kit, you could now design your own buildings and...

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