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Shapes II

Shapes II (2001)

The next generation puzzle game... Shapes II is a hybrid of a Rubic cube, Tetris, and Candy Crisis, but with tons of original never before tried challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Combined with gorgeous graphics, amazing musical...


ShatterBat (1996)

A six-axis FPS where the aim is to shatter all the bats before the time runs out, while avoiding Mister Bob. Includes a preview of the cancelled game, Sanctity.

Shattered Stone

Shattered Stone (1997)

Shattered Stone is a RPG game made with HyperCard featuring B&W graphics, sound effects, some music tracks, some B&W bitmap cutscenes (lol wat!!).  Shattered Stone is generally quite polished. Note: Holding shift down during the...


Sheepshead (1998)

Sheepshead is a 4 people card game adapted for the Macintosh.  Sheepshead is one of the oldest card game in Germany.  It features lots of options and settings.  You can play against 3 computer AI's.  


Shells! (1993)

In Shells! you are presented with a tiled grid of various sizes and shapes on which each tile hides either nothing or an orange token.  You can move from tile to tile and on each tile you move, a number is shown to you representing how many...

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