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Svea Rike

Svea Rike (1997)

Svea Rike is a swedish historic strategy game developed by Levande böcker in 1997. Gain control over northern Europe and make Sweden grate again! All menus and descriptions are in swedish.


SwampLord (1988)

SwampLord is a turn based strategy game for very early B&W Macs. This is an alpha version.  Not sure if version 1.0 ever came out.  


Swoop (1994)

Swoop is a fast vertical shoot'em up arcade game for the Macintosh in which you battle 3D rendered aliens with a variety of powerful weapons. The gameplay is a combination of frantic rapid-fire activity and even more frantic dodging. Definitely...

Sword Dream

Sword Dream (1993)

Sword Dream is a RPG engine that lets you create your own adventure scenarios. Since 1993, the engine evolved and became Sword Dream 3D. The first download includes both the older 2D and the newer 3D version (1997) of Sword Dream along with many...

Sword of Siegfried

Sword of Siegfried (1987)

Sword of Siegfried is an interactive World Builder text based adventure game, accompanied by crude B&W visual graphics.  Sword of Siegfried is an educational adventure game based on Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen.  

Syndicate (floppy version)

Syndicate (floppy version) (1993)

Syndicate is a real-time strategy game with a cyberpunk twist. You command up to four drug-controlled agents who will help you conquer the world one city at a time.    

System Shock

System Shock (1994)

System Shock is a FPS in a sci-fi environment a la Marathon, except your ennemy is artificial intelligence and it's turning humans into mutants.  You need to stop the mad AI before it takes over the world.  System Shock included some...

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