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Conflux (1988)

Conflux is a two-player (hot seat) puzzle game in which you try to find pairs of money amounts by clicking 2 tiles on the board per turn.  If you find a matching pair, your score goes up by that amount, but keep an eye for "Take half"...


Cortex (1999)

Cortex takes the breakout formula and turns it on it's head, enabling the bat to break bricks and move freely.  The 50 levels included in this interesting shareware brick-breaker are full of neat ideas that keep things interesting. This...

CrossMaster 0.2

CrossMaster 0.2 (1987)

CrossMaster is a program that lets you build and solve crosswords. You can save/open/edit crossword grids, put the clues in, etc... This is an early 0.2 alpha, but it still works great.  


CrossWise (1989)

CrossWise is a single or multiplayer game (hot seat) in which each turn, the player gets totally random letters and must place them on the board in one single line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to form a word, from which all letters vary in...


CryptoSolve (1986)

CryptoSolve can used as an application or a game, depending on your perception.  CryptoSolve lets you input any text and it cyphers/encrypts it in a way that it can then give you clues how to solve the cryptogram, such as how many real letters...


DeadEnd (1993)

A block pushing puzzle game with an interesting mechanic where you need a space behind you in order to push a block.

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