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Byte Me!

Byte Me! (1999)

Byte Me! was a fun game with colourful, nicely animated OpenGL graphics. Cute sounds completed the first impression, where you could run your own music (that you've just downloaded from Napster) in the background. The...


Charlie (1988)

Charlie is a simple B&W board game for Mac in which you have to place X's while the computer AI places O's and the winner is the first who has a line of 5 consecutive symbols, somewhat like Tic Tac Toe, but a lot bigger.  Think...

Checker Mania

Checker Mania (1992)

Checker Mania is a checkers game for 2 players for 68K Macs. Menus are in German, but the rest of the window text is in English.  


Chello (1991)

Chello is a 2 player (hot seat) reversi kind of game that is less strict, in the sense that you reverse the opponent's tokens even if they are not in-between your initial and ending token's tile.  As a matter of fact, any adjacent...

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