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MisterMind 5.0

MisterMind 5.0 (1998)

It's a shareware game for Macintosh and Windows better known as "Master Mind" (table game). Everybody knows it. The unregistered version let you only four attempts. After theseone, MisterMind will show you the solution... 


Mombasa (1994)

A shareware solitaire Mahjong game from a co-creator of Rogue.


MultiPion (1987)

MultiPion is a french board game for early B&W Macs. This is the DEMO version.  If you have the full release version, please upload it here or report in the chat.  

NetRisk 1.0

NetRisk 1.0 (1991)

NetRisk is a B&W Risk game for Mac, except with AppleTalk support for up to 6 players!  


Netzee (2000)

Netzee is a game of Yatzee that allows up to 4 players to play over the internet or a LAN (or locally without network support as hot seat) Host: -  Pick a person to host. -  This person launches Netzee and clicks "New Game"...


Nevermind (2002)

Nevermind is based on the classic board game Mastermind. Here follows a brief instruction for those who don't know the rules. Imagine a code of colored dots in the row at the bottom of the Nevermind window. Your task is to figure this code...

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