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Iggy Iggopolis Into the Void

Iggy Iggopolis Into the Void (1988)

Iggy Iggopolis Into the Void is a B&W Mac arcade game similar to Qix but with some original features.  In Iggy Iggopolis Into the Void, you have to draw rectangular boundaries, which get filled in a gray shade, without getting touched by...


iMacGeddon (1998)

A very silly and simple game where you kill a horde of Bill Gates clones by dropping iMacs on them.

InterMac Bumper Ships

InterMac Bumper Ships (1986)

InterMac Bumper Ships is an old multi-player Mac space shooter game.  You compete against other players via AppleTalk, direct connection via serial cable or via old deprecated online game services such as: GEnie, CompuServe and Delphi.  

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