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Custom Spectre Editor + Spectre World Editor

Custom Spectre Editor + Spectre World Editor (1992)

Custom Spectre Editor is an easy way to edit your custom spectre ship beyond what the program normally allows. This program can give you speed up to 18, ammunition up to 127, and invincible shields! Unfortunately, if you choose invincible shields...

Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator

Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator (1987)

D&D Generator v0.57 is an early Dungeons & Dragons character generator app.  Sadly, it is incomplete and could only be used to roll basic stats such as hit points, strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, charisma and...


Forge (1995)

Forge is a game editing program that was released by Bungie inc for the Marathon series of games.

Klik & Play

Klik & Play (1995)

Klik & Play was a consumer level game making toolkit that saw popularity throughout the mid to late 90's. Almost anyone with a bit of time and patience could put together their own games using it's straightforward interface. The...

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