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King of Parking

King of Parking (1998)

A rather low-key title considering it was published by Fantasoft; King of Parking tasks the player with getting a red car out of a car park where no-one knows how to three point turn. Clicking on the front and back of the cars will move them around...

Knight (puzzle)

Knight (puzzle) (1990)

Knight is a simple puzzle game where a totally empty chessboard is presented to you and you must place 1 knight piece and move it legally (in "L" shape) on every single chessboard square without ever going back to an already visited...


Kognix (2000)

Kognix is a puzzle game in which you click and drag rows and columns by 1 square unit at a time.  The goal is to have all the balls on a yellow square.  Since you can only move rows/columns squares all at once, you have to plan your moves...


Kye (1992)

Kye is a real-time puzzle game with a variety of interacting objects. It takes ideas from puzzle games like Sokoban and Boulder Dash, but the inclusion of active objects gives it a real-time component, and it can also produce arcade-game levels like...

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