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Vegas Poker

Vegas Poker (1991)

Vegas Poker is a color poker game. See also: Video Poker which is the exact same game by the same author, re-released 2 years later under a different name.  

Vegas Trek

Vegas Trek (1996)

A reskin of Desert Trek, included on the Macintosh Game Programming Techniques CD.

Versailles 1685 - Complot à la Cour du Roi Soleil

Versailles 1685 - Complot à la Cour du Roi Soleil (1996)

FRANÇAIS 1685 : voilà tout juste 3 ans que Louis XIV s'est installé avec la Cour à Versailles. Mais, en ce matin du 21 juin 1685, Monsieur Bontemps, premier Valet de chambre ordinaire de Louis XIV, vient de mettre la...


Vette! (1991)

Vette! is a 1989 racing video game where the object is racing a Chevrolet Corvette through the streets of San Francisco. The game was notable for its (at the time) detailed un-shaded polygon rendering of San...

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