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Allenroids (2003)

Allenroids is a freeware Asteroids clone made by Allen Smith in his computer graphics class at Union University


Asterax (1994)

An adaptation of the classic shoot-em-up Asteroids, unique for its addition of a monetary element to purchase power-ups and score bonuses.


Ballistics (1987)

Ballistics is a tiny B&W game classic where you and a friend each have a tank positioned on each side of a randomly generated terrain.  Each turn you set your aim direction, velocity by taking a look at the current random wind factor and...


Bedlam (1994)

Bedlam is a Space Invaders kind of vertical shooter game. See also the color sequel: Bedlam 2 (Not to be confused with Bedlam by GT Interactive.)  

Bedlam 2

Bedlam 2 (1997)

The year is 2317... and they're back! Bedlam 2 is the sequel to Bedlam.  It's a Space Invaders kind of vertical shooter.  Bedlam 2 features nice pre-rendered color sprite animations similar to other Mac shareware games in the...


Cuboids (1997)

Defend the earth without destroying it in the process. In layman's terms... you just shoot the cubes, man. The year is 2198. As you return from a routine mission in the Andavarian region, you find Earth surrounded by hundreds of strange,...

Foobar Versus the DEA

Foobar Versus the DEA (1997)

A top down scrolling shooter similar to Mars Rising and Demos Rising. You have a normal shot and bombs used to destroy enemies on land/in water.

Game Invaders 襲来

Game Invaders 襲来 (2000)

Simple Space Invaders style shooting game, but the bullet you shot will fall towards you.


Hyperspeed (1997)

HyperSpeed is a Galaga clone. You don't go worward as enemies pass by you like in most similar shooters, instead they stay on the screen until they are killed.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (1998)

Jazz is Back from M$Dos This is one of the most best games you could honestly play on an old mac. Think of Super Mario Brothers With a dash of sonic and a taste of contra leaveing you dying to find the level editor thats only on...


Oni (2001)

Ported by Rockstar Games. A dark future. An uncertain past. No one left to trust. An intense action anime thriller comes to life in Oni. As an elite member of the tech-crimes task force, Konoko is an agent on a mission to fight the evil...

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