Adaptec AHA-2940 U2B/MAC

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Adaptec AHA-2940 U2B/MAC

Post by retrogamac » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:00 pm

It is quite hard to find Mac-compatible SCSI adapters for reasonable prices that have an external 68-pin connector
There are some defunct companies (Atto etc) without any information on the web.

Officially it is said, the AHA- series can be used only on PCs. However, there is a variant AHA-2940 U2B/MAC which is quite cheap.
I bought two, and their SCSI buses were flawlessly recognized and used by the ROM of the beige G3 minitower.

Unlike the PC versions, I did not find any support or download pages for the Mac adapter.
On the PC version, one can use the BIOS or driver/utility software to see adapter settings and to configure them.

Do you know of any utilities or other ways to configure things like onboard termination on the Mac 2940?

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