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Corrupted/blank files when expanding a ZIP under Mac OS 9 and seeing a __MACOSX folder?

If you used a Mac back in the 90's, then you remember that among Mac users, nobody ever used ZIP format for compressing files.  Everybody used SIT files instead and some used HQX, BIN or CPT files, but not a single Mac user zipped their files.  The reason is simple: ZIP files are not compatible with Mac resource forks (old Mac files before Mac OS X) and zipping an old Mac file (such as a Mac OS 9 application program) would destroy...

How to "burn" (or write or clone) a bootable PowerPC disk image onto an USB stick in Mac OS X using "dd" in Terminal

This article lays out the steps in order to "burn" (or clone, or copy) a disk image (such as an ISO boot/install CD) onto an USB stick using only a vanilla Mac OS X environment that any Mac user already has available.  You do not need any additional or third party software since Mac OS X is Linux based and comes with "dd" which is all it takes to accomplish this. Read that other article if you're looking for doing...

How to convert a DMG file to an ISO disk image?

DMG files are disk images that are compressed using Apple's proprietary format and Mac OS X default disk image format.  The fact that the DMG disk images are compressed poses a compatibility problem to most Windows users and earlier Mac OS versions, e.g. Mac OS 9.  The ISO (a.k.a. CDR under Mac OS X) disk image format is universally supported, therefore it's a much better choice for storing files or making a disk image...

How to create a HFS+ disk image in Mac OS X to encapsulate/transfer Mac OS 9 and earlier files

Old Mac files (Mac OS 9 and earlier) need to be encapsulated properly before being moved/copied to a non-HFS partition/disk such as on a Windows PC or a web server or they will get corrupted, effectively losing their resource fork, which will render them useless on your Mac OS 9 or earlier environment. The best way to protect old Mac files before moving/copying them out of your OSX environment is to first copy them onto a HFS+ disk image,...

How to install Classic Environment (Mac OS 9.2.2) on top of Mac OS X

How to manually install Classic Environment using a Mac OS 9.2.2 System Folder I suggest that you grab the first download "Generic Classic Environment for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger" here because it fits most needs, but feel free to try another Mac OS 9.2.2 System Folder if you want.  Download it on your Mac OS X 10.4 (or earlier) computer and expand the .sit archive.  Then drag the resulting System Folder to the Mac's hard...

How to recombine (join) split files (.001, .002...) into a single ZIP archive under Windows or OSX

When you come across split ZIP files that look like sequential part numbers, before extracting files out of the archive, you first need to join the split files together into a single, complete, ZIP file.  A split ZIP file could look like this, for instance: 691-5088-A.zip_.001 691-5088-A.zip_.002 691-5088-A.zip_.003 691-5088-A.zip_.004 NOTE: Just so it's clear to everybody, this article talks about ZIP but it obviously works on...

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