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Dealing with old apple hardware. Logic Board Serial Number issues.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the first in hopefully a series of articles from me covering older apple hardware service and support matters, these articles are my own and do not contain copyrighted content. My history with Apple goes back well over 23 years ago as a user / owner and 16 years back when I qualified through my college  to become a registered Apple Service Engineer supporting a 4 campus college complex with over...

I downloaded something from MR and it doesn't work [a.k.a. How to ask for help regarding old Mac file issues]

If you downloaded anything from this website and it doesn't work on your Mac and you want help, then you have to post in the chat all the following details.  Otherwise, nobody will even try to help you. 1) Make sure that you have read and you understand the terms that you agreed to when you registered your MR account. Here they are again: "By registering, you understand that this is a retro-computing archive site for OLDER Macs....

I need help with my Mac

We've all run into some trouble with our vintage Macs, emulators or Mac software. Sometimes, it just doesn't work and you need help. Everyone has been there. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance on where to find help and how to approach appraoch online users through the built-in chat as a potential support candidate. The Macintosh Repository is a non-profit site, devoted to storing digital artifacts...

I registered for an account, but cannot sign in and/or retrieve lost password!

When you submit the registration form, your account is immediately created and an email is instantaneously sent to your email inbox.  You have to click the activation link inside that email in order to be able to sign in on MR and/or to use the lost password retrieval form.  There is no delay: the email is sent immediately when you submit the registration form.  If you attempt to use any of those features before having clicked the...

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