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Using a 3rd Party USB Card in a PowerMac 7300

Instead of being continually frustrated with SheepShaver, although an amazing piece of emulation software, I decided to resurrect my old PowerMac 7300. The problems I had were that the CMOS battery was dead, and the hard drive was tiny, only 6GB. The battery was replaced with one from Amazon for about $8.00  I had a stack of older hard drives, luckily one that was IDE and 120GB in size. Under OS 9, the OS needs to be installed in the...

Using AIM Client After Shutdown

      As we all know AIM  was shut down as of December 15, 2017. But soon after a new group came to the scene allowing people to use AIM once again. Soon classic Mac users wanted in on the action but soon came to the conclusion of not being able to connect to the server via the client. This was due to the fact that the aim clients for the Macintosh didn't come with a direct way to edit the host address. But as of in this...

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