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Mac Software for Programmers

I'm a long time Mac user from Germany, mostly interested in programming. My favorite language is C. I want to draw your attention to a fine programming environment from Apple itself. It is called "Programmers Workshop" or short: MPW. This is a complete programming and command shell (a bit like a C-shell) with two permanent windows, one is the source code editor, the other is the command window for input and ouput. I've...

Modify Apple's CD/DVD drivers to mount third party drives.

This article was hosted on the excellent ResExcellence site. The text below is a verbatim copy of the same hosted on the wayback machine. Several readers emailed to point out an excellenct article in c't Magazine [] that showed how to use ResEdit on Apple CD/DVD drivers to make them...

Modify Apple's DVD Player to run with Macsbug

This article originally appeared on Modify Apple's DVD Player to run with Macsbug After touting the advantages of Macsbug, it appears that Apple's DVD Player 2.0 won't launch if the debugger is installed. This simple modification to the player application allows the two to exist harmoniously. We will use ResEdit to modify the data fork of the application, so you will need to download and...

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