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Cannot lock, unlock or delete a file under Mac OS 9?

There was a bug under Mac OS 9 (and maybe Mac OS 8 too?) that, under a special circumstance, prevented some files to be locked, unlocked or even deleted.  They would sit there in your trash forever and prevent you to empty it even when the OPTION KEY is held down.  Rebuilding the desktop does NOT resolve the issue. Trying to get file info with ResEdit results in the following error: The reason this is happening is generally...

Corrupted/blank files when expanding a ZIP under Mac OS 9 and seeing a __MACOSX folder?

If you used a Mac back in the 90's, then you remember that among Mac users, nobody ever used ZIP format for compressing files.  Everybody used SIT files instead and some used HQX, BIN or CPT files, but not a single Mac user zipped their files.  The reason is simple: ZIP files are not compatible with Mac resource forks (old Mac files before Mac OS X) and zipping an old Mac file (such as a Mac OS 9 application program) would destroy...

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