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Sound Studio 2.x

Sound Studio 2.x (2001)
(Modified on 2018-04-13 19:04:12)

Sound Studio 2 is an audio editing and recording application for Macintosh computers. It features two-channel editing, several effects filters, sample rate conversion, and support for many file formats including AIFF, SDII, WAVE, and QuickTime movie...

Surfers Serials / Serial Box

Surfers Serials / Serial Box (2001)
(Modified on 2021-04-19 08:23:50)

Description Serial Box is a large database of registration serials for old Macintosh programs.  Treasures of the past can now easily be unlocked and studied thanks to this database.  Without Serial Box, thousands of old shareware...

Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor)

Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor) (2002)
(Modified on 2020-11-20 06:08:55)

From the Read Me file back in 2001: The version of Scheme Factory that you have right now is a preview release version of what we hope will be the next generation Kaleidoscope scheme editor. You'll find that Scheme Factory offers a clean and...

StuffIt Expander 3.5.1

StuffIt Expander 3.5.1 (1994)
(Modified on 2020-05-20 17:06:04)

Stuffit Expander 3.5.1 unstuffs .sit archives made in the 80's and early 90's.  Note that it does *NOT* work on 4.x or newer .sit formats, but it's still useful for very old Macintosh models, since it's the last version to work...

Super ResEdit 2.4

Super ResEdit 2.4 (1994)
(Modified on 2019-11-17 10:22:00)

Super ResEdit is an enhanced version of ResEdit.  It lets you edit code resources with a de-compiled view, meaning instead of seeing hex, you actually see the assembler opcode and you can modify it.  The code will be re-compiled on...

System Picker

System Picker (1997)
(Modified on 2020-04-08 11:39:37)

Allows to have more than one System folder, on each of your hard disks and partitions, and choose the system you want to boot from. Has been successfully used up to Mac OS 8.6 and 9  on standard HFS and HFS+ partitions. When...

Smart Calendar 2.x

Smart Calendar 2.x (1990)
(Added on 2019-04-26 17:02:06)

Smart Calendar is an INIT/DA combination.  The file "SmartCal INIT" must be put in the System Folder.  "SmartCal DA" must be loaded using your usual DA method, and will create a file called "SmartCal Notes" in...

StuffIt Expander 4.0.2

StuffIt Expander 4.0.2 (1992)
(Modified on 2017-10-31 09:52:52)

Stuffit Expander 4 was the most popular archives decompression utility for Mac back in the early 90's.  It supports many compression formats such as .sit, .bin, .hqx and .zip.  Stuffit Expander 4 was superseded by Stuffit Expander 5 in...

StuffIt Deluxe 10.0

StuffIt Deluxe 10.0 (2005)
(Modified on 2018-04-30 19:03:22)

StuffIt Deluxe 10.0 with serial number, runs on Mac OS X 10.3 and higher on PowerPC processors (i.e. G3, G4, G5).  

StuffIt Expander (and DropStuff w/ EE) 5.5

StuffIt Expander (and DropStuff w/ EE) 5.5 (1999)
(Modified on 2020-10-25 10:26:38)

StuffIt Expander 5.5 was the most commonly used archive extractor in the later 90's on Mac OS 8 until the standard edition 7.0 came bundled with Mac OS 9.  Until version 7, StuffIt Expander 5.5 was a must have tool especially for people...

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