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eWorld (1994)
(Modified on 2017-09-03 10:23:26)

eWorld from AOL and Apple was a monthly paid subscribtion service that helped Mac users easily communicate with people over the internet through various clients all combined in a single application (eWorld) such as email, news, BBS, etc... ...

EasyServe 0.5

EasyServe 0.5 (1996)
(Modified on 2017-08-11 15:04:37)

Welcome to EasyServe, the really, really easy World Wide Web server. EasyServe is very easy to use, mostly because it doesn't do much.  EasyServe serves pages to the WWW.  That is all it does.  There's no logging, no CGI,...

EasyTransfer 3.1

EasyTransfer 3.1 (1992)
(Added on 2017-04-30 15:52:35)

EasyTransfer is a file transfer utility that allows you to access files on Macintosh computers over the Internet. In a way, it is a bit like FTP, except that is designed to run exclusively on Macs. EasyTransfer is really two applications: a server...

eXodus 6

eXodus 6 (1996)
(Modified on 2020-04-11 05:57:02)

White Pine eXodus is a powerful X11 server for the Macintosh, allowing you to use X11 applications running from Unix machines on your Mac. The 6.x versions support OpenTransport, unlike 5.x. Unfortunatetly, there is no ssh support. Note that...

Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)

Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) (1998)
(Modified on 2020-04-07 09:16:26)

EIMS is Eudora's POP3 and SMTP mail server for Macintosh, fully fledged with accounts config, memory threshold config, console capturing, etc...  

Eudora 6

Eudora 6 (2004)
(Modified on 2016-09-23 15:11:55)

Email client.

Eudora 1.x

Eudora 1.x (1990)
(Modified on 2020-04-06 12:47:47)

Eudora was probably the most popular email client in the early 90's.  This first release of Eudora supports POP and SMTP. See also: Other releases of Eudora  

eMate Classroom Exchange

eMate Classroom Exchange (1997)
(Modified on 2017-10-17 13:29:31)

The eMate Classroom Exchange software allows you to connect one or several eMates to a Mac OS computer and transfer information between the eMate devices and the computer simultaneously. Using the eMate Classroom Exchange software, you...

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