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Mac Comm Toolbox 1.1

Mac Comm Toolbox 1.1 (1992)

This disk contains the CommToolbox 1.1 interfaces and objects. There is a script to install the files into your MPW hierarchy called InstallCTB11.  

Mac MakeOver 1.2

Mac MakeOver 1.2 (1992)

Mac MakeOver is a little utility app that lets an user customize Mac OS UI colors.

Mac Treasure Box - 1996 - Apps, utilities & games

Mac Treasure Box - 1996 - Apps, utilities & games (1996)

Treasure Box - 09.05.1996 contains various Mac shareware and demos from the mid 90's sorted in these categories: Business Database DTP Games General Graphics Sound Utilities Communications An interesting feature of...

Mac-to-Mac NetWORKS v2.0.1

Mac-to-Mac NetWORKS v2.0.1 (1992)

Excellent network monitoring tool - Appletalk/TCP-IP for servers, routers, gateways, bridges etc. with support for email, modem and pager alerts (pre SMS) The program will repeatedly run through the list of monitored software/hardware, DN =...


mAC3dec (2002)

mAC3dec is an AC-3 audio decoder for the Macintosh, used to decode the AC-3 audio used on DVDs and convert to AIFF or MP3. mAC3dec can also read QuickTime files, AIFFs, WAVs, Audio CD tracks, and more.    

MacBinary II+

MacBinary II+ (1993)

MacBinary II+ is a System 7 drag & drop converter for MacBinary files. Simply drop a MacBinary file on it and it will be decoded, drop any other file or folder on it and it will be encoded.

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