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Sculpt 3D 4.1

Sculpt 3D 4.1 (1996)

Sculpt 3D is the Macintosh port of the first Amiga raytracing 3D app of the same name.  

Strata 3D

Strata 3D (2000)

Strata 3D is a three dimensional scene modeling, animation and rendering studio for PowerMacs. Since 3D.COM servers are not in operation anymore, this would need a way to bypass the activation.  If anybody knows how or has a real Strata 3D...

Super 3D 2.0

Super 3D 2.0 (1989)

Super 3D 2.0 is the last version from Silicon Beach Software before it was taken over by Aldus with Super 3D 2.5.  

Swivel 3D 1.1

Swivel 3D 1.1 (1988)

Swivel 3D version 1.1 with new features: multiple keyframes for Tweening, enable to edit point for redesign object, anti-alias rendering..

Swivel 3D Pro (1.5 + 2.0.4)

Swivel 3D Pro (1.5 + 2.0.4) (1990)

Swivel 3D Pro lets you create 3D shaded animated and lighted scenes with a 68K Mac such as LC, Quadra or Mac II. Starting from version 2, Swivel 3D Pro was published by VPL Research. This is the DEMO version, which is full featured, except...

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