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Adobe Streamline 4.0

Adobe Streamline 4.0 (2000)

Adobe Streamline is an image conversion and manipulation tool that aids conversion of bit-mapped images in to PostScript line art for use in tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe TextureMaker 1.0

Adobe TextureMaker 1.0 (1995)

Adobe TextureMaker lets users create patterns and textures in a couple mouse clicks using various pre-made filters and effects (such as bumps, color gradient, spots, waves, etc...) provided by in the application.  Everything is customizable,...

Agfa FotoLook SA 3.5

Agfa FotoLook SA 3.5 (1999)

FotoLook 3.5 is a scanning application for Power Macs. Supported Scanners: Arcus II DuoScan DuoScan HiD DuoScan T1200 DuoScan T2000 XL DuoScan T2500 Horizon Ultra Recommended Scanner Firmware Revision: DuoScan HiD: fw...

Aldus FreeHand 5.0

Aldus FreeHand 5.0 (1995)

Aldus FreeHand 5.0 compiled in december 1994, right before the rights were sold to Macromedia.  

Aldus Type Twister

Aldus Type Twister (1993)

Type Twister is a font tool that adds multiple effects to fonts, that a user may then copy as a bitmap into other applications.


AlexWarp (1996)

AlexWarp is a small tool that warp or distorts PICT images using user-defined vectors.  Since AlexWarp does not open anything else than PICT files, if your image is another format, you can simply open it using another program and copy/paste the...

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