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Mac Messenger 1.3 (68K)

Mac Messenger 1.3 (68K) (2003)

Mac Messenger is a free, independant and compatible MSN Messenger clone that allowed Mac users to the MSN Messenger network (.NET) for chatting.  It used less RAM than the Microsoft version, was faster and allowed to see the server transcript...

Mac-to-Mac NetWORKS v2.0.1

Mac-to-Mac NetWORKS v2.0.1 (1992)

Excellent network monitoring tool - Appletalk/TCP-IP for servers, routers, gateways, bridges etc. with support for email, modem and pager alerts (pre SMS) The program will repeatedly run through the list of monitored software/hardware, DN =...


MacDNS (1996)

MacDNS provides domain name service on any Mac OS server, enabling domain names to be translated into network IP addresses and vice versa.  

MacNews 1.1

MacNews 1.1 (1993)

MacNews was a NNTP reader for Macintosh, which operated through a remote host.  MacNews does not use TCP/IP.  It can read, post and follow articles and saving them to a file.  

MacReporter 1.1.4

MacReporter 1.1.4 (2003)

The Internet brought us into a new age of information. It is now much quicker to receive and share news and articles. If it contributed to our everyday life as a tremendous added value, the Internet’s growth eventually turned this advantage...

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