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RDP Client for MacOS9

RDP Client for MacOS9 (2018)

RDP Client for MacOS9. This is a build of ProperJavaRDP for MacOS9. It may require MRJ 2.2.x

RealPlayer 5.0 Beta 1

RealPlayer 5.0 Beta 1 (1997)

RealPlayer version 5.0 Beta 1 (expires after 60 days) so it's totally useless, in practice.  Anyways, to use it today, you have to set your computer clock back to any date before the month of October, 1997. Note: This installer puts a...


Recite (1993)

Recite is a very simple utility app that speaks a text document.  You can pause/stop the reading by clicking the mouse button between sentences.  Recite also has a configuration window to set various voice settings, such as the voice type,...


Redux (1990)

Redux is a disk backup/restoration utility.


Relax (1997)

Relax is a background sound effects tool which plays soothing nature sounds.  Relax 2.x is almost the same as Ambiance except it comes with an "Environment Construction Kit" allowing you to create your own sound effects file to use...

Remember? versione 3.0

Remember? versione 3.0 (1997)

This is a personal reminder package for MacOS computers. It reminds you about important events in your life when you start up your Mac and while you work. Features flexible specification for repeating events, extensive control over appearance and...

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