Found 12 software entries in Applications beginning with: "B" from category: Internet & Communications

Baton Mail

Baton Mail (2004)

Baton Mail allows you to add mail authentication to older email client software. To prevent spam, most ISPs have added the need to authenticate before being able to send email through their servers. Older email clients (like Claris Emailer...

Bell Choir

Bell Choir (1992)

"Bell Choir" (Conductor and chorus) was done as an experiment for MacHack '92.  It has a conductor which picks the songs (text files) and sends them out to other Macs on the local zone running chorus.  You can write your own...

Big Brother

Big Brother (1996)

What is Big Brother? Big Brother allows you to keep an eye on your World Wide Web links. It is essential for HTML authors who wish to make sure that the links contained in their pages are up-to-date, a chore which quickly gets out of hand without...


BlueBeard (2003)

BlueBeard retrieves single and multi-part attachments from Usenet newspgroups on NNTP servers. Supports UUE and yEnc encoded binary-attachments.


BlueHTTP (2000)

BlueHTTP is a super simple file downloader.  You paste your URL in the text box and hit the download button.  It uses less RAM than a whole browser, which was convenient back then for old 68K Macs with limited resources.  BlueHTTP can...


BrickHouse (2001)

BrickHouse is a shareware firewall program for Mac OS X.

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