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Agax (1998)
(Added on 2014-04-14 23:08:39)

AntiGax 1.3

AntiGax 1.3 (1998)
(Modified on 2020-03-15 06:38:58)

How to use this program: • Start your Mac with extensions off (holding down the shift key). • Delete the 'Graphics Accelerator' file from your extensions folder (don't replace it by a folder of the same name). •...


AntiVirus (1988)
(Modified on 2020-04-08 07:50:14)

This program will remove any nVIR infections from your file system.


Disinfectant (1989)
(Modified on 2019-03-06 11:48:32)

Free antivirus for old Macs, retired in 1998. Some Mac users, a minority, who do not use Microsoft Word 6 or Excel 5 or later versions, may still find Disinfectant useful.  

Ferret 1.1 (antivirus)

Ferret 1.1 (antivirus) (1988)
(Modified on 2019-01-10 14:19:20)

Ferret is an old Scores virus scanning and repair tool. Obviously, instead of using this tool, one should definitely use a newer antivirus such as Virex whenever possible or else at least Disinfectant.  


Gatekeeper (1993)
(Modified on 2020-04-03 14:25:02)

Gatekeeper is a program designed to continuously monitor the operation of your Macintosh, watching for operations that are commonly carried out by viruses as they attempt to spread. When Gatekeeper detects an infection attempt it will automatically...


Interferon (1988)
(Modified on 2016-09-13 11:13:00)

Interferon 3.1 is an old antivirus for very early Mac OS.  


MacScan (2003)
(Modified on 2017-10-04 00:00:29)

MacScan is an anti-spyware app for Mac OS X. Detect, Isolate and Remove Spyware! MacScan is an administrative spyware detection utility for both the classic Macintosh operating system (68K/PPC) and Mac OS X. Thank you for downloading this...

Norton AntiVirus 10.0

Norton AntiVirus 10.0 (2005)
(Modified on 2019-10-28 08:28:33)

Norton AntiVirus is the #1 Macintosh Antivirus in the world. And Norton AntiVirus 10 is better than ever including an advanced scaning system that can kill even the toughest of Viruses.

Norton AntiVirus CD 8.0

Norton AntiVirus CD 8.0 (2002)
(Modified on 2017-04-02 11:07:58)

Norton AntiVirus 8.0: The OS 9 program is version 7.0.2 while the OSX program is version 8.0.4.

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