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xBack (2001)

xBack is a utility that allows you replace your desktop picture with a screen saver. While there are other ways to do it, none match xBacks ease of use or feature set. With xBack, you can bring your desktop to life. Feature list Quickly...


Xenak (1999)

Xenak is an implementation of Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis developed by Iannis Xenakis. This implementation has only “barrier” control. The user cannot choose distribution functions for random walks of the algorithm. Run...


XFacer (2002)

XFacer is a simple application for cropping pictures and reducing them to 48-by-48-pixel black-and-white icons. James Ashton explains it best on his web site:...


Xinema (2003)

Xinema is an application that plays QuickTime movies in full screen. It features playback controls for pausing and adjusting the sound volume, as well as keyboard shortcuts for navigating.


xLogicCircuits (1993)

xLogicCircuits is a basic visual logic circuit drawing tool and ON/OFF state tester.  As its name implies, xLogicCircuits does not account for resistors, voltage or amperage of an electrical circuit, but rather only accounts for logic gates,...


xPect (1988)

xPect asks you a series of about 20 questions which you answer by checking the answer that corresponds the most to your situation in a list of choices and then it will tell you approximately at what age you will die... :P  


XRay (2001)

Why Use XRay? The Mac OS X Finder’s “Get Info” window shows a variety of information about files, folders and drives. However, some important items are not available or not editable; XRay tries to show much more information and...

Xslimmer 1.7.9

Xslimmer 1.7.9 (2010)

Xslimmer is an application for Apple's Mac OS X developed by LateNiteSoft. The software has been discontinued by its developers.   Xslimmer reduces the amount of space on your hard drive your programs require once installed, eliminating...

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