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Before Dark and Lisa's patterns

Before Dark and Lisa's patterns (1992)

Before Dark is an application that can be used in Mac OS 7.x to change the desktop wallpaper/pattern without loading an extension or a control panel at startup (so it consumes no RAM at all while you're using your Mac).  Before Mac OS 7.5,...


BeView (1996)

BeView is a small extension that transforms your Mac's user interface to resemble that of the BeBox, a new computer from Be, Inc. For more information on the BeBox and Be, Inc., check out the Be web site: <>. BeView...


BigFoot (1989)

BigFoot is a small extension that displays animated black feet walking randomly all over your desktop.  


Bill (1987)

Bill is a window that you leave open on your screen that displays a crazy looking cat that stares and follows your mouse cursor.  Unfortunately, the window does not stay on top of other windows, therefore you will only see it if nothing's...

Biorythm + Biorythm II

Biorythm + Biorythm II (1988)

It is well known that humans have a number of biological clocks in their bodies that can be charted from their births.  These cycles are: Physical Mental Emotional Use this program to explore those cycles in your Life...

BluePS2 (hoax)

BluePS2 (hoax) (2000)

BluePS2 is one of the most circulated Mac hoax on April 1st, 2000.  It claimed to be a super tiny (18KB!!) Playstation 2 emulator, *COUGH* sorry, the world's first Playstation 2 emulator.  Only for Mac! It of course does absolutely...

Bomber (prank)

Bomber (prank) (1985)

A small joke application that pretends to throw an error, then doesn't let you press the restart button. Click resume to exit the application.


BootXChanger (2009)

Allows to change the aspect of the Apple boot logo at startup.

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