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E-on Vue 5 Esprit

E-on Vue 5 Esprit (2004)
(Modified on 2019-03-13 11:44:27)

Vue d'Esprit is a 3D computer graphics software specialized in landscape design. It has a library of objects (plants, rocks ...), a library of parametric textures and a parametric field editor. Parametric sources can be mixed with each other and...

Eagles Nest Mac BBS CD Collection

Eagles Nest Mac BBS CD Collection (2006)
(Modified on 2017-10-18 21:27:17)

Eagles Nest Mac BBS was a dial-up network based in the state of Michigan, USA and this is the eight CD collection of tens of thousands of Macintosh files hosted on that BBS from 1990 to 1995 burned to CD's in 2006.  Eagles Nest Mac BBS CD...

EarthPlot 2.0

EarthPlot 2.0 (1985)
(Modified on 2017-04-30 16:12:54)

EarthPlot renders a B&W earth plot picture under given latitude, longitude and altitude values.  Takes several seconds just to redraw the earth image... Kind of the ancestor of Google Maps! :P  

Easy Beat

Easy Beat (2000)
(Added on 2016-06-12 15:43:23)

Easy Beat is a Quicktime Instruments composing application which allows you to author multi-tracks, multi-instruments, full fledged music scores and then export them to a Quicktime movie, MIDI file or AIFF audio track (CD quality).  Easy Beat...

Easy Errors

Easy Errors (1995)
(Added on 2017-04-30 16:00:39)

Easy Errors prints an error string from an error number you enter.  In addition to Mac OS errors, Easy Errors also provides error strings for Newtons.  

Easy Grade Pro 3.5.5a

Easy Grade Pro 3.5.5a (1999)
(Modified on 2017-10-29 20:58:55)

Easy Grade Pro (EGP) is a cross-platform gradebook application for teachers to keep their students' grades, print progress reports, manage class rosters, create seating charts, and all other aspects of running a classroom.  Assignments can...

Easy Label Lite

Easy Label Lite (1997)
(Added on 2020-02-22 12:10:23)

Utility to create and print various kinds of laleb.


Easy3D (1985)
(Modified on 2019-12-14 18:25:43)

Easy3D was a basic 3D modeling app with a very visual user interface. It was difficult to do more than simple models and was limited to dithered black and white display on the tiny Macintosh screen. It was one of a handful of apps from the time that...

EasyPro AIG Demo

EasyPro AIG Demo (1997)
(Added on 2020-02-22 12:16:12)

  EasyPro is a a program for managing one Professional study with ordinary accounting in the game simple.

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