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OddsMaker (1987)

OddsMaker is an early football championship odds simulation for Mac.  

Omnis 3 (Plus)

Omnis 3 (Plus) (1987)

This disk contains Omnis version 3.25, single user or multi-user.  Omnis version 3.25 is an updated version of Omnis 3 Plus.   There have been several changes made to Omnis.  This document has been provided to inform you of those...

Omnis 5

Omnis 5 (1989)

Omnis 5 is a relational database software initially made for Windows 1.0 and ported to the Macintosh and OS/2. Version 1.1 archive includes the following disk images: Examples.image Omnis 5 Auxiliary Disk  2.image Omnis 5 Auxiliary...


PhotoMaster (1996)

PhotoMaster is a web image management and cataloguing application for Mac.  It allows for recording audio annotations on each picture.  

Pro Football Office Pool

Pro Football Office Pool (1986)

The Pro Football Office Pool The "Pro Football Office Pool" supports the running of an office pool based on NFL football games.  Each participant picks the winners in each of the 14 games each week and the program keeps track of...

ProVUE Panorama 4

ProVUE Panorama 4 (2001)

ProVUE Panorama 4 is a database engine.  It is known to open ".pan" files such as TCDB. If anybody has ProVUE Panorama 4.97 or 5.0 installer (and activation details), please upload it on MR!  


SerieFoot (2004)

SerieFoot is a soccer database manager for Mac.  SerieFoot targets two categories of users: • active users: they download a competition file only once and they input scores themselves, they simulate standings, they try to predicate...

Silvergol 2.0

Silvergol 2.0 (2001)

What is Silvergol? Silvergol facilitates enormously the formulation of complex systems of Totogol. Silvergol 2.0 lets you: - create systems combining from 8 to 32 numbers - constrain the columns by sum of numbers, simmetries, parallels,...

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