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Eyeball (1989)

Eyeball is a tiny system extension that displays a pair of eyes in the menubar, watching your mouse cursor's moves.  It also randomly blinks one or two eyes.  

Far Side Screen Saver Collection

Far Side Screen Saver Collection (1994)

"Far Side Screen Saver Collection" is a collection of screen savers featuring Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson. A copyright infringement claim was received on June 29th, 2018, therefore the download file has been removed.  Please...

Flying Toasters 3.1.0 for OSX

Flying Toasters 3.1.0 for OSX (2009)

Probably the most iconic screensaver, originally published in the second After Dark series from 1990. This version was made to run under Mac OS X.  

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies (1986)

Fortune Cookies is an extremely simple program: When you launch it, all it does is display a small centered window with your fortune in it.  Fortune Cookies comes with 46 different fortune phrases, but as the read me file states, you can also...

Freeverse Toys

Freeverse Toys (1995)

This download has various toys from Freeverse; Jared: Butcherer of Song Jared: Butcherer of MP3 Jared Choir Jared Karaoke Jared: Christmas Jared for Newton I Dream of Jared (song) SimStapler 6.2 Holodeck Swabbie Menu Madness Virtual...

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights (2001)

Holidays Lights was one of the most loved OS add-on for Macintosh.  Holiday Lights displays animated bulbs all around the desktop edges and it plays festive music too! Altough most people used it for Christmas, it could be used for all sorts of...

Homer Pro

Homer Pro (1994)

Just a program which displays a little Homer Simpson in a window on your screen. He will say random quotes from old episodes of The Simpsons. If you move your mouse to close to him, something to find out!

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