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Band-in-a-Box 6.0

Band-in-a-Box 6.0 (1995)

Music composition software. Enter chords the program generates the arrangement.

Barba Batch v3.0

Barba Batch v3.0 (1999)

BarbaBatch is the ultimate batch soundfile conversion application for the Apple Macintosh. It is mainly aimed at the production of audio for multi media. With it you can easily manipulate large amounts of soundfiles. You can play and perform file...

BarFly Carbon and Classic

BarFly Carbon and Classic (1997)

Basicly a text editor... BarFly is an integrated environment for working with abc music files. The abc music language is a way of writing music using ASCII text.


Bars (1987)

Bars is a tiny (2.9KB !) screen saver application that once launched starts animating bars on the screen moving in various patterns.  What's cool about it is that typing a random key on your keyboard changes the algorithm.  So you can...

Bartender's Friend 2.0

Bartender's Friend 2.0 (1999)

Bartender's Friend 2.0 is the third public release of Bartender's Friend and some things do get better with age! After you tell Bartender's Friend what ingredients you have, it gives you an instant answer to the question, "What can...

BarWare 4.5

BarWare 4.5 (1999)

BarWare has 775 classic, non traditional and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from! You can find recipes quickly and easily by name, spirit, mixer, liqueur, garnish and even by what type of glass it's served in! Print one recipe or a whole...


BaseToBase (1986)

BaseToBase (v1.0) is a RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) Calculator DA (Desk Accessory) the for Macintosh.   It features a four element stack that operates in the same manner as those found in HP calculators.  BaseToBase can handle arithmetic...

Basic Black

Basic Black (1993)

Basic Black is a simple, incredibly efficient screen saver. It doesn't have whizbang graphics, and thus lets everything blast along at full speed. It's incredibly small - it takes up only four kilobytes of memory after it's loaded. If...

BassTuner v2.0

BassTuner v2.0 (1994)

A stand alone bass guitar tuner that uses the microphone input on your Mac.

Baton Mail

Baton Mail (2004)

Baton Mail allows you to add mail authentication to older email client software. To prevent spam, most ISPs have added the need to authenticate before being able to send email through their servers. Older email clients (like Claris Emailer...


bbDEMUX (2003)

bbDEMUX is a free demuxer for MPEG and VOB streams.  

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