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Segue (2003)

A utility to convert mov, dv and avi files interchangeably. Requires Quicktime, see compatibility notes.

Simple VCD

Simple VCD (1999)

SimpleVCD is a full-screen VideoCD player designed to be easy to use.  What Is SimpleVCD? SimpleVCD is a full screen vcd player for macintosh. As it has possession of a real vcd player user interface, SimpleVCD is very easy to use. How to Use...

Slick Transitions & Effects for iMovie vol 1-6

Slick Transitions & Effects for iMovie vol 1-6 (2002)

Slick Transitions & Effects for iMovie are 6 compilations (volumes) of titles, effects and transitions for iMovie projects.  They enable profesionnal looking and stylish videos made on your Power Mac at home.  Those Slick Transitions...

Smacker Video Technology Player

Smacker Video Technology Player (1994)

Smacker Video Technology Player lets you play back .smk movie clips which was, back in the 90's, a video format that was embed in many games.  It remained until the Mac OS X era and was then replaced with Bink Video format, which allowed...


Sparkle (1995)

Sparkle is a MPEG player and creator for System 7 and up. Sparkle features: - Standard mac interface with menus and windows. - Uses the QuickTime movie controller to control the MPEG viewing. - MultiFinder friendly, with good backgrounding...

Strata MediaPaint

Strata MediaPaint (1995)

Strata MediaPaint is a powerful 90's video editing app that was ahead of its time back in the mid 90's.  Strata MediaPaint would let 68K and PowerMac users easily add effects and embed graphics on top of videos and sort of do the...

The Multimedia Workshop

The Multimedia Workshop (1994)

The Multimedia Workshop is a multimedia tool for papers, projects and presentations. The program includes: The Writing Workshop, The Video Workshop and The Paint Workshop with bonus multimedia libraries. Create either desktop publishing documents or...

Toon Boom Studio 4.0

Toon Boom Studio 4.0 (2007)

The perfect software for any animator wannabe to work with on an older Mac OS X operating system. Wacom tablet (Cintiq or Intuos/Bamboo) or any other graphics tablet highly recommended!

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