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Mac3D (1984)

Mac3D is an early Macintosh vector based drawing app, similar to MacDraw, with the bonus that it supports 3D, making it one of the very first 3D drawing apps on the Mac.  It also supports shading through basic patterns, the same B&W...


MACGifscii (1994)

MACGifscii takes a GIF picture and ouputs ASCII representing that picture.  You can change brightness, zoom in/out, define the resolution in columns/lines amount, etc... The resulting image is not that bad if you use a square, small enough...

Macintosh Calligraphy

Macintosh Calligraphy (1987)

A unique graphics application designed in Japan in 1986 that allows one to practice calligraphy skills using various brushes and inks.  Thickness of strokes varies by the speed of your mouse movement.  A somewhat difficult program to use,...

Macromedia Director 4.0.4 (CD + Floppies)

Macromedia Director 4.0.4 (CD + Floppies) (1994)

Macromedia Director 4 lets users create standalone interactive video or multimedia applications and even 2D games.  Director 4 is roughly similar (but superior) to PowerPoint.  Director version 4.0 is the first one to be ported to...

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