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Ibis (2003)

Ibis (pronounced eye-biss) is an AppleScript that will auto-post files to newsgroups using Thoth for OS X.


iCab (1999)

iCab is a web broswer that supported older Macintosh hardware a bit longer than the better known alternatives. Version 2.99b would appear to be the most modern browser out of everything that will run on 68k Systems. This is actually quite...


ICQ (1999)

Can you believe this software still works? Well it does work still in 2017! Some minor issues you may see is a failure to add contacts- restart the app and you should see the new contacts added in. You may not be able to register new accounts...

iGadu 1.2.6

iGadu 1.2.6 (2005)

iGadu is an instant messaging client for the Gadu-Gadu network, popular in Poland.    


iGetter (2000)

iGetter is download utility that gives you convenience and facility in downloading on the Internet. The great advantage of iGetter is its ability to resume broken downloads, checking date and size. Behind its pleasant interface is hidden powerful...


iHan (2003)

iHan is a download manager for Mac OS X that inexplicably has a picture of a donkey for its icon.


IntelliNews (1999)

Welcome to IntelliNews, the future of desktop Newscasting! IntelliNews is a specialized web browser that brings headlines from dozens of the Internet's most trusted news sources directly to your desktop. With updates occurring as often as...

Internet Config

Internet Config (1994)

Internet Config was a nice little public domain utility that let System 7 users configure every little bit of their internet applications all in one place.  With Internet Config, one could set their homepage URL, chat nickname, newsgroup...

Internet Explorer 3.0.1

Internet Explorer 3.0.1 (1997)

Internet Explorer 3.0.1 installer for both 68K and PowerPC (FAT) architectures.  Comes with Java and a couple plugins.  

Internet Explorer 4.01 & Outlook Express 4

Internet Explorer 4.01 & Outlook Express 4 (1998)

Version 4.01 of the popular Internet Explorer web browser for Macintosh. At this time, Safari was nonexistant and at best your computer may have come bundled with an outdated version of Netscape Navigator. Internet Explorer was considered a very...

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