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Screen Gear Pro

Screen Gear Pro (1998)

Screen Gear Pro is a screen saver and a simple presentation tool. Screen Gear Pro will take a folder full of AIFF, PICT, JPEG and QuickTime files and turn them into an elegant slide show, fading one file into the next while playing narration, music...

Ski Area (Second Nature) Screen Saver

Ski Area (Second Nature) Screen Saver (1999)

This hybrid (PC/Mac) CD contains a collection of ski plans and pictures with a desktop background slide show functionality and a screen saver combined.  You can browse, display and organize ski pictures you want to see displayed as your desktop...

Sleeper 1.x

Sleeper 1.x (1995)

Sleeper gives desktop Macintoshes two "sleep" features found in portable Macs: Hard disks will spin down after a given amount of inactivity The screen can be dimmed after a set amount of idle time Sleeper's hot key also...

Snow 2.x

Snow 2.x (1995)

A simple application that has snowflakes falling down on your screen, with holiday-themed tunes and the like. Can even be used a screensaver given certain conditions.


Stars (1987)

Stars is just a stars field animation screensaver for early B&W Macs.  There doesn't seem to be ANYTHING else than the stars moving and clicking or pressing anything immediately quits.  


StarScape (1988)

Star Scape is what could be called a primitive interactive screensaver for early B&W Macs.  When you press the mouse button, it "warps" at light speed.  Else, it displays stars field animation in the direction of your mouse...


StonerView (1998)

StonerView is a screensaver app that looks very much like ElectroPaint for SGI machines.  It animates 3D particles in the form of cards flying in all sorts of fashion.   

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