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Quick Editor 5.x

Quick Editor 5.x (1998)

QuickEditor 5.7 is a QuickTime video editor designed to perform common editing operations  in the quickest and easiest way. It is a  great tool for  creating small , nifty movies you can publish on your web page, digital family album,...


QuickClips (1992)

Sample QuickTime movies and images and a catalog of QuickTime products. Includes lots of public domain (?) footage converted to QuickTime, as well as some original (?) animations and some very cool Laurie Anderson PSAs.


QuickTime (2000)

This download contains all these QuickTime versions: QuickTime (v2.1) QuickTime (v2.5) QuickTime (v3.0.2) QuickTime (v4.0.3) 68K + PPC (FAT) QuickTime (v4.1.2) PPC (only version supported by SheepShaver) QuickTime (v5.0.5) QuickTime...

QuickTime 6.0.3 ITA

QuickTime 6.0.3 ITA (2002)

On July 15, 2002, Apple released QuickTime 6.0, providing the following features: MPEG-4 playback, import, and export, including MPEG-4 Part 2 video and AAC Audio. Support for Flash 5, JPEG 2000, and improved Exif handling. Instant-on...

QuickTime 6.5.2 for macOS X

QuickTime 6.5.2 for macOS X (2004)

QuickTime 6.5.2 is a software developed by Apple. Due to what seems to be a shutdown of macOS X update servers for early versions of X, you can no longer get this version through an update. This version of QuickTime was tested on an imac G3...

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