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Wacky Gravity

Wacky Gravity (1992)

Wacky Gravity is a very crude BASIC experiment where a black square bounces around the window in a weird gravity fashion.  It's B&W, not full screen, doesn't have sound effect or anything else.

Wide Flight

Wide Flight (1985)

Wide Flight is a very crude stars tunnel screensaver for early B&W Macs.  Pressing any key or clicking quits the application.  There is no about window or any text at all, except for the Get Info window comment: "Small version of...

Windows 95 Demo (prank)

Windows 95 Demo (prank) (1995)

Windows 95 Demo is a very short prank in which you see a totally black screen with a Windows 95 start menu.  Pressing it plays the sound of a cracking up car, but nothing else happens.  That's all it is!  

Witze und Hundsgemeines

Witze und Hundsgemeines (1997)

Witze und Hundsgemeines is a German hybrid (PC/Mac) CD-ROM containing an interactive Macromedia Director slideshow of jokes and humor text files.    

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