Found 12 software entries in Applications beginning with: "H" from category: Utilities


HexEdit (1993)

HexEdit is a hexdump viewer and editor that works similarly to the hex editor provided with Apple's ResEdit.  It allows you to edit either the data fork or the resource fork of a file.  HexEdit offers a find command, a goto address...

Hidden Finder Features

Hidden Finder Features (1996)

This control panel performs the exactly same the same function as the "Secret Finder Features" extension , except that it is user-configurable. This control panel does not install any (conflict-inducing) patches or INITs, it simply...

Home Assortment

Home Assortment (1995)

Various applications and utilities useful at home: Vietnam War 1.2 Spreddy 3.0 RoadAtlas QuickNote Mortgage Manager  2.1 (fat) EyeClock ComicBase 1.2.1 Demo Calendar Tools 4 Paws of Crab Demo ezGenes 0.2...


HQXer (1993)

HQXer, the fastest and easiest way to handle BinHex archive files! HQXer allows you to decode and encode BinHex archives in the most efficient way ever possible. Before, working with BinHex files required either excessive effort or a lot of...

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