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Big Secret

Big Secret (1996)

Big Secret lets you hide multiple files and folders on your hard drive(s) and associates the list of files/folders you make invisible to a password of your choice.  Upon entering that password, you can see the list of files/folders and...


BigPicture (1996)

BigPicture is a picture viewer application for Macintosh.  It also has slideshow features.


Bill (1987)

Bill is a window that you leave open on your screen that displays a crazy looking cat that stares and follows your mouse cursor.  Unfortunately, the window does not stay on top of other windows, therefore you will only see it if nothing's...

Bing Bonzer

Bing Bonzer (1998)

Bonzer  is a powerful telephony application developed with two main goals.  The first goal is to save you money on calling charges, by allowing you to make calls from anywhere via your home or office phone. The second goal is to provide...

Black & Bleu

Black & Bleu (2001)

Black & Bleu™  is an application that shows you the meaning of all of the documented and most of the undocumented Mac OS error codes. Many codes include information about what might be the cause of the error and what you can do about...

BNDL Banger

BNDL Banger (1991)

BNDL Banger, as the name implies, bangs BNDL resources.  Simply put, it provides an easier way to update an application's BNDL information in a volume's desktop database.  Just drag & drop the desired application onto BNDL...


Bookit (1999)

Bookit was touted in the accompaied 'Read Me.rtf' as the next revolution in bookmark management. Bookit reads the bookmarks you have and then lets you organize the bookmarks you don't have in all your browsers, essentually...


Bootman (1990)

Bootman is designed to display and edit the values of three different Macintosh System parameters: System Heap Size, Maximum Number of Open Files, and Maximum Number of O/S Events. The values for these parameters are stored in an area...


BrickHouse (2001)

BrickHouse is a shareware firewall program for Mac OS X.

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