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MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh

MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh (1987)

From MacUser magazine, issue of June 1987 (Note: OCR may have introduced spelling errors) MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh MGMS (Micro Graphics Manufacturing Station) Professional CAD for Macintosh is a computer assisted drafting...

MiniCad+ 4.0

MiniCad+ 4.0 (1993)

MiniCAD+ 4.0 is a CAD program for 68K Macintosh computers.  MiniCAD+ 4.0 lets you build, export and print 2D or 3D structure plans thanks to a very wide range of tools and options.  

ModelShop II

ModelShop II (1991)

ModelShop II is a 3D scene modeling app for 68K Macs.  It supports flat color shading.  

Natural Scene Designer v1.0

Natural Scene Designer v1.0 (1997)

Natural Scene Designer is a landscape design and renderer application for 90's Macs.  Ray tracing is super slow, but it does not require any 3D acceleration card at all.  It runs all in software mode. See also: Bryce 2  

Pixel Putty (solo version)

Pixel Putty (solo version) (1993)

Pixel Putty is a 3D CAD drawing and rendering application for 90's Macintoshes, both 68K and PowerPC based.  Pixel Putty is quite simple to use, but yet pretty much complete with 4 parrallel views, both perspective and orthogonal, cameras,...


Polyact (1987)

Polyact simulates a spinning 3D cube from 3 to 6 dimensions.  

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