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Area Code Finder 4.1

Area Code Finder 4.1 (1996)

Background In 1996 the area codes throughout the United States was considered to change drastically.  New area codes would be needed because of an increasing population and technoligcal reasons. These changes would supposedly...

Ars Magna

Ars Magna (1986)

Ars Magna is a program to generate anagrams from words or phrases with their letters rearranged to spell something else.  For example, the letters in the word dormitory can be rearranged to spell dirty room.  Given a name, a short phrase,...

Ascii Converter 1.4.1

Ascii Converter 1.4.1 (1999)

ASCII Converter is a simple "drag and drop" application that converts text files from Windows to Macintosh and vice versa. MacOS and Windows use two different ASCII tables (a way to represent the characters) so when you open a Windows text...


ASCIIPaint (1994)

ASCIIPaint lets you paint, like you would with other Macintosh painting programs and then save your ASCII document.  The big difference is that you are painting with ASCII characters.  ASCII characters are letters, number, symbols, and any...

ASM (Application Switcher Menu)

ASM (Application Switcher Menu) (2001)

ASM brings back the application switcher menu (and more) to Mac OS X. It's highly customizable and offers some nice extra features, such as Classic Window Mode (orders all windows of an application to front when it becomes active) or Single...


Assimilator (1997)

Assimilator is designed for situations where you wish to make a large number of Macintoshes look virtually identical. Typically this is in an educational laboratory situation - this document is aimed at laboratory administrators - but Assimilator...

Assorted Utilities

Assorted Utilities (1995)

Various system utilities: Wiedermoon Chatter 2.00 Demon Dialer FreeTerm 3.01 & Doc folder ManhattenZips MinimalHome App Satellite Locator TeachTextMaker 1.2 Shutdown Fade 1.0 Shutdown Items 2.31 scanAPPL...

AsyncKeys! 1.6

AsyncKeys! 1.6 (2001)

AsyncKeys! is a little utility that displays the exact keyboard reference number and ASCII equivalent for any keystroke or key combination you press.  Note that if you chagne the layout of your keyboard (i.e. from the US keyboard to the French...

Auction Action Tracker

Auction Action Tracker (1995)

Auction Action Tracker is a very useful utility for organizing, monitoring, and bidding on eBay auctions. Auction Action Tracker will store auctions in an item list, and will allow you to sort, view current information, and bid on these items. As an...

Auto Text Typer

Auto Text Typer (2002)

AutoTextTyper is a contextual menu plugin that lets you quickly and easily add commonly used text, such as e-mail addresses, Web sites, addresses, company names, signatures, form letters and more, to a list of items in a contextual menu. You can...


AutoDelete (1999)

AD is an application to delete unnecessary and reoccurring files, such as your internet browser's cache files, which in turn may litter your hard disk. Obviously you may delete any files/folders you wish e.g. redundant log files or whatever... A...

AutoDoubler 1.0

AutoDoubler 1.0 (1992)

AutoDoubler 1.0.5 comes with those utilities: AD Verify/Repair Desktop Reset ReBNDLer DiskTester Double Doubler 1.0.5 was a floppy disk physically labeled AutoDoubler, but it contained AutoDoubler 1.0.5 and DiskDoubler 3.7.4.

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