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MacMAME unofficial v0.81 for OS9

MacMAME unofficial v0.81 for OS9 (2004)

Unofficial release of MacMAME using renderer v1.6 made from the sources of MAME/MAME32Plus and MacMAME unofficial 0.7x. The original japanese web site is dead now.


MacPacMAME (2001)

MacPacMAME is a PacMan enhanced MacMAME emulator totally focused on PacMan emulation and this application is port of the PC version made earlier by BGR Software.  MacPacMAME features a lot of options, such as hardware acceleration, input...

MacWise 4.x

MacWise 4.x (2000)

Emulations for Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 370, Adds Viewpoint, Televideo 925, DEC VT100 and Prism. MacWise supports the CommToolBox, which allows connection to networks running Ethernet, Appletalk, TCP/IP and other connection tools written for the...

MagiC Mac 1.x, 2.x and 6.x

MagiC Mac 1.x, 2.x and 6.x (2000)

MagicMac was a piece of Software for running Atari ST applications on Classic Mac OS. There also exists a version for Mac OS X running on PPC. It doesn’t need an Atari ROM since it is based on their own OS for Ataris which could even be...

MakPak I

MakPak I (2017)

Mak Pak I Build your own vintage mac! So I spent a while on this... (Yes, I know this is not software, but it gives you some way to run it!) and I made a kit to make your own mini vmac! Credits to:...

Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0

Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0 (2005)

Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0 is a software application for Mac's, designed to allow windows based programs to run on your mac without the hassel of having to partition a drive, Install a completey new OS or set up a VM or "Virtual...

Mini vMac (Ready to Go on PPC Mac OS 7-8-9 & OSX)

Mini vMac (Ready to Go on PPC Mac OS 7-8-9 & OSX) (1993)

Mini vMac (formerly vMac) is a 68K Mac emulator (Macintosh Plus and more recently Macintosh II) capable of booting and emulating the earliest versions of Mac OS from 1.0 to 7.5.5.  It was ported to all major platforms including: Windows, DOS,...

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