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HyperCard 1.2.x

HyperCard 1.2.x (1988)

HyperCard 1.2.x in Italian: version 1.2.2 in 3 disk images (DiskMaker 1.3 format) version 1.2.5 as a SIT archive  

HyperCard 2.2 + Addmotion II

HyperCard 2.2 + Addmotion II (1993)

HyperCard 2.2 from 1993. The first version with colors, as an optional XCMD! HyperCard comes back to Apple from a near-death experience as a mis-marketed Claris product, boasting a small handful of desirable updates. HyperCard Player no more!...

HyperCard 2.3 + Color Stack Repair + Addmotion II

HyperCard 2.3 + Color Stack Repair + Addmotion II (1995)

HyperCard 2.3 is an enhanced Version of HyperCard 2. AddMotion II is a great addition to HyperCard allowing to "animate" (move) objects in front of a background without any coding. AddMotion was first introduced at Macworld 1990 for the...

HyperCard 2.4

HyperCard 2.4 (1998)

HyperCard is a simple but powerful programming environment for the Macintosh. You can literally draw your programs and fill them with life using the easy to understand HyperTalk Language. In HyperCard you can simply combine differend kind of media...


HyperFT990 (2005)

Software for the remote control of a Yaesu FT990 amateur radio. May work for other radio models using the Yaseu interface.


HyperMIDI (1988)

The HyperMIDI Toolkit is a collection of routines (XCMDs and XFNCs) for MIDI programming in HyperTalk, the language of HyperCard. These routines include utilities for transmitting and receiving data over MIDI, and for implementing active MIDI...

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