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Keka (2010)

Simple and powerful file archivation and compression software for Mac OS X. It has old versions available (even for Mac OS 10.4) on their own official website and new sions for modern Macs are being developed.

MacBinary II+

MacBinary II+ (1993)

MacBinary II+ is a System 7 drag & drop converter for MacBinary files. Simply drop a MacBinary file on it and it will be decoded, drop any other file or folder on it and it will be encoded.

MacPAR Deluxe

MacPAR Deluxe (2003)

From the built-in Help MacPAR deLuxe is a utility program that can be useful to you if you upload and download binary files to and from Internet newsgroups. It's main functions are: Ensure error-free transport of the data by means of...

MacTar 4.2.1

MacTar 4.2.1 (1999)

This program reads and writes tar format archives.  It has been tested against tar running on A/UX (3.0), 4.3 BSD and the GNU tar program (POSIX compatible).  Floppies and tapes can be exchanged with other systems (on Unix, use raw...

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