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nVIR Assassin

nVIR Assassin (1988)

Very old nVIR scan and remove tool.  Please note that it does NOT detect every strand, therefore I highly suggest that you use a more recent antivirus such as Virex if you can or Disinfectant on older systems.  

The Exorcist

The Exorcist (1999)

Attempts to inoculate machines against multiple strains of the "666" AKA "SevenDust", "Graphics Accelerator" virus. The Exorcist creates two locked files in the Extensions folder. These files have the different names...


Vaccine (1988)

Vaccine warns you whenever certain significant resources are being modified.  You can grant permission for the change to take place (if you're running an installer program for example), but you're in control When a vulnerable...

Virex 5.8.1

Virex 5.8.1 (1997)

Virex is the fastest, most accurate virus detection and repair solution available for the Macintosh. Dr Solomon's Software continues to upgrade Virex and provide the most comprehensive update services available.

Virex 6.1

Virex 6.1 (2000)

Virex anti-virus software, the fastest and most accurate anti-virus utility available for the Macintosh.  

Virex 7.1 for OSX PPC

Virex 7.1 for OSX PPC (2002)

Virex 7.1 for PowerPC OSX.  This version raised a number of unsatisfied clients who purchased that software and soon realized it was flawed.  Virex 7.1 has a bug that prevents it to scan volumes other than the boot partition.  Here is...

Virus Rx

Virus Rx (1990)

Virux RX is a virus scanning tool made and distributed by Apple that can find these types of virii: SCORES, nVIR, INIT 29, ANTI, WDEF. It does not clean or repair files, it only reports suspicious files and warns the user that they should delete...

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